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Cremation Urns

Lighthouse Urns

At Urns Northwest, we offer a wide selection of lighthouse urns with 3-dimensional wood carved coastal scenes, laser engraved lighthouse designs, lighthouse medallions, and even a lighthouse photo engraved onto a wood urn. These funeral urns are available as standard adult urns, companion urns, small keepsake urns, or even featuring a working clock, and can be personalized with a brief inscription laser-engraved onto the wood surface of the urn.

Lighthouse Urn Medallion

Below is our selection of Lighthouse Urns.

Please note that each urn featuring a medallion allows you to choose from a variety of medallions, one of which is our lovely Lighthouse scene medallion (shown left). Other medallion options include Fishing, Golfing, Eagle, Deer, and so on.

Lighthouse Cremation Urns 



cremation-urn-theme-lighthouse.jpgLighthouse touring is an interesting, fun, and time-honored hobby, as those of us near the Oregon coast well know. Of course, you don't have to live near a coastal region to be intrigued by lighthouses; anyone with a spirit of seafaring adventure, an interest in regional history, a love of old buildings, or a touch of nostalgia for bygone days can enjoy a good lighthouse tour up and down the seacoast.

And many of you have enjoyed a good lighthouse tour with your family or a special loved one (or always dreamed of doing so), which is why lighthouses are a perennially popular theme for a cremation urn memorial.