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Cremation Urns

Urn Customization

At Urns Northwest, we offer several ways you can customize the cremation urn of your choice.

First, nearly all of our wood urns can be customized with personalized laser engraving, for information such as name (or names, for our companion urns), dates, quotes, Bible verses, a line or two from a poem, and personal inscriptions:

Laser Engraving for Cremation Urns

Many of our ceramic, marble, and metal urns can be engraved as well.

Second, most of our hardwood funeral urns are available in a variety of wood types or wood finish, including oak, walnut, cherry, natural cherry, maple, white maple, rosewood, and others. 

Wood Type for Cremation Urns

Third, we offer many cremation urn appliques which affix to a flat surface on the urn. These beautiful and varied appliques are sold and shipped separately, so you can even purchase one for an urn you already own! These can be attached to any wood, metal, or marble urn with a flat surface of the appropriate size. 

Gold Cross Urn DecorUrn Customization | Fishing Urn AppliqueUrn Customization | Air Force Urn Applique | Bronze

Fourth, we can engrave a photograph of your loved one directly onto a wood or granite urn. These photo urns include several lines of personalized inscription along with the engraving of the photo in the total cost of the urn.
Photo Engraved Cremation Urn Engraved Photo Urn in GraniteFifth, we offer a variety of cremation urns which can be custom-made to your specifications; pictured below are of these custom urns. If you're interested in having an urn custom-made, please call us to discuss options.
Custom Wood Cremation Urn
Maple, Walnut, and Elm Cremation Urns

We are always ready to assist you via phone or email with any and all questions about our cremation urns and our urn customization.