Biodegradable Scattering Urn Tube - Pink Cherry Blossoms

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This Biodegradable Scattering Urn Tube features a floral burst of color in the elegant Pink Cherry Blossoms design. These urns are engineered to help you easily scatter the remains of a loved one. Perfect for scattering at the beach, river, ocean, hillside, park, forest, and more. This eco-friendly urn tube comes in standard adult size (200 cubic inches) and also in a smaller sharing "keepsake" size (33 cubic inches). Multiple smaller keepsakes can be used so that multiple family members can participate in the scattering tribute.

The standard adult scattering urn tube measures 12.5" tall by 5" in diameter. The lid is tight and secure, and will remove easily when you are ready to scatter. The Pink Cherry Blossoms scattering urn is a beautiful addition to your family's memorial, with stunning and artistic beach photography.


  • Biodegradable sturdy cardboard
  • Removeable lid for easy scattering
  • Standard adult and small keepsake sizes
  • Standard: 200 cubic inches, 12.5" x 5"
  • Small: 33 cubic inches, 6.5" x 3.4"
  • White and pink floral artwork

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