Bronze Cremation Urn - Solitary

$239.00 - $689.00
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This simple, yet elegant brushed sheet bronze urn is an ideal blank canvas for engraving name and dates. Bottom opening plate attaches with screws. Shipped out within 2-3 business days. 

Overnight or 2-day service also available. 

Phone orders call toll free (877)900-5309.

Companion Urn: 
400 cu. in.
9.5"W x 6"D x 8"H;
One compartment for cremains. 

Standard Urn: 
203 cu. in.
5.5" Sq. x 8"H;

Large Keepsake Urn: 
50 cu. in.
3.5" Sq. x 5"H; 

Small Keepsake Urn: 
15 cu. in.

2.3" Sq. x 3.25"H;