Cedar Wood Cremation Urns

Our cedar wood urns are made in the USA from the finest select hardwoods. The cedar is a variety of Tennesse Aromatic Cedar wood, which boasts an incredible grain texture with a variagated yet smooth flow, distinctive coloring, and a wonderful aroma. These urns can be laser engraved with an inscription directly etched into the wood for a permanent memorial.

Our cedar wood urns come in three styles: a simple wood urn with bottom opening panel attached by screws; a memory chest urn, accessed by a hinged lid, and a memory chest and urn combination, which has a bottom opening panel for the ashes along with a 3/4" deep area on top, accessed by a hinged lid, for storing mementos such as letters, jewelry, photos, and more.

Available here:

Cedar Urn

Cedar Memory Chest

Cedar Urn with Memory Chest