Devotion Wood Cremation Urn

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The Devotion Funeral Urn is named for its expressive lines and curves, making it a poignant memorial urn for a loved one. This wood cremation urn is available in Radiata, Oak, Morado, or Mahogany woods. (See below for descriptions of exotic Radiata and Morado woods.)

Finished with a fantastic clear polymer high gloss finish. Bottom opening base of the urn box attaches with screws. Add a metal plate engraved with name and dates to personalize this wood urn; select options above. Optional military services emblems are available.

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  • Made from real Oak, Radiata Pine, Morado, or Mahogany
  • Beautiful high-gloss finish
  • Made in Bolivia
  • Affordably priced
  • Engraved nameplate option
  • 6"H x 8"W x 11"L
  • 200 cubic inches (standard adult size)

Morado Wood:

Also known as Bolivian Rosewood, Morado hardwood is a very heavy and dense wood. With its chocolate tones swaying between brown and a dark-brown-violet, Morado is a South American staple in fine furniture products and decorative veneers. While the grain varies between straight and irregular, it is always lustrous with the occasional walnut fragrance. A gorgeous exotic hardwood.

Radiata (Pine):

Radiata pine is a medium-density softwood, and one of the world's most widely planted plantation species because it has the ability to grow to a large diameter faster than almost any other tree species. When planed to a smooth finish, the wood is creamy-coloured, with stripes created by the contrast between wood grown early in the annual growth season (softer and paler) and that grown later (harder and darker). The wood darkens over time with exposure to light.