Eagle Urns

A lone eagle soaring far above the earth has long been a symbol of strength and nobility, an independent creature of action and ingenuity, speed and stealth. The eagle's aristocratic bearing and unfaling nature of steady strength and deadly precision have resulted in this bird of prey commonly being used in royal and military crests, from ancient Persia, Babylon, and Rome, all the way down to the United States of America and many other countries.

With such prominent symbolism and rich history of use, the eagle is a wonderful symbol to use on a cremation urn in memory of a loved one. For its use in the Great Seal of the United States and as the USA's national bird, an Eagle Urn is quite fitting for a patriot, one who has served in the military, coast guard, as officer of the law or as a member of the government.

As a symbol of strength and independence and soaring rule over nature's skies, an Eagle Urn is also a fitting memorial for a nature lover, a hiker, a hunter, or a bird watcher. Many of our funeral urns which feature an eagle also include a rich background of mountains, forestry, and other natural scenic elements.

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