Kingston Cherry Wood Cremation Urn

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The Kingston Cremation Urn is one of kind, bringing you quality woodwork in its highest form. Crafted from cherry wood with a lush cherry finish. The luxuriously shaped edges and a high class finish dominate this wooden funeral urn, making it a lovely and stately memorial urn for your loved one.


  • Real, solid cherry wood
  • Rich, sumptuous design
  • Bottom opening attaches with screws
  • 9 3/4"W x 7 3/4"D x 6"H
  • 210 cubic inches


  • This urn has a capacity of 210 cubic inches
  • This urn will hold an individual who weighed up to 210 lbs
  • To simply calculate the volume you need, follow this formula:
    • One pound of the individual's healthy body weight will require one cubic inch capacity
    • A 190 lbs individual will require a capacity of roughly 190 cubic inches
    • For more detailed info, see our article "What Size Urn Should I Get?"

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