Memento Water Scattering Urn in White

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The Memento Water Scattering Urn presents you with a one-of-a-kind way to honor your loved one with a participatory water burial ceremony. Each urn includes 20 matching biodegradable paper notes which can be used for family and friends to write or draw final messages and notes to be placed into the urn as a loving memorial gesture. The surface of the urn can also bear writing, allowing you to completely hand-customize the memorial.

The water scattering urn itself is handmade from non-toxic, recycled food-grade paper which will biodegrade when in contact with water. The soft white color is achieved by hand-painted environmentally-friendly milk paints. Even the packaging in which the urn comes can be recycled.


  • Made in the USA
  • Crafted by hand from biodegradable recycled paper
  • Hand painted in an elegant white color
  • Eco-friendly milk-based paints
  • Dimensions: 15"x 10"x 5.5"
  • Capacity: 275 cubic inches
  • Above average capacity
  • Includes 20 matching biodegradable note cards
  • Urn & notecards can be written on to personalize it for your loved one


  • Designed for water burial
  • Place remains into included biodegradable bag
  • Insert remains into bottom-opening access
  • Seal with biodegradable glue
  • Floats briefly, then sinks
  • Dissolves naturally over time


  • Scattering urn has a capacity of 275 cubic inches
  • This urn will hold the equivalent of 275 lbs of body weight
  • To simply calculate the volume of remains, follow this formula:
    • One pound of the individual's healthy body weight will require one cubic inch capacity
    • A 190 lbs individual will require a capacity of roughly 190 cubic inches
    • For more detailed info, see our article "What Size Urn Should I Get?"

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