10 Nifty Cremation Urn Gifs

10 Nifty Cremation Urn Gifs

Gifs are the internet's visual slang. Showing rather than telling, and showing with motion rather than showing with detail, a gif is a snapshot of a movement used as a shorthand to explain, clarify, or make light of something.

We've made some gifs to showcase our beautiful cremation urns in a new light. Hopefully you find something in these that helps you choose the perfect memorial urn for your loved one.

UPDATE 4/13/16 - Today's update adds an 11th cremation urn gif, the Road Home.

1. The Boxwood

Elegant Walnut Wood Cremation Urn

2. The Cardinal

Cardinal Bird Art Inlay Wood Cremation Urn

3. The Biodegradable Gold

Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Scattering Urn

4. The Cherry Sculpture Art

Cherry Wood Cremation Urn with Art Carving

5. The Affordable Marquis

Affordable Wood Cremation Urn

6. The Prairie Urn, Memory Chest, and Photo Album

Memory Chest with Photo Album Cremation Urn

7. The Cedar Sonata

Cedar Wood Cremation Urn - gif

8. The Cedar Pet Urn

Cedar Wood Pet Cremation Urn

9. The Freedom Military Urn

Military Urn for Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force

10. The Bicycle

Bicycle Cremation Urn

11. The Road Home