10 Wooden Cremation Urn Videos

10 Wooden Cremation Urn Videos

When you're shopping online in hopes of finding the perfect wooden cremation urn for your loved one's memorial, it's tough to know if what you're looking at meets the standards you expect.

That's why we love to showcase our wood urns with video, giving you a thorough look at the design, shape, and size of the urn so you can be confident that this is the ideal funeral urn suited to your family and your loved one. The wood urns highlighted in the videos below are made in the USA from solid premium hardwoods, sturdily constructed with 3/4" thickness, elegant joints and corners, and beautiful engravings and inlay designs.

10 Wooden Cremation Urn Videos

Here are 10 of our latest videos which feature some wonderful wooden cremation urns. To see more information about each urn, click the title and it will take you to the product page which will include size, material, production times, options, detailed photos, and much more.

1. Cardinal Wood Cremation Urn

2. Cherry Wood Cremation Urn with Dragonfly

3. Boston II Companion Urn in Walnut Wood

4. Hibiscus Flower Inlay Wood Cremation Urn

5. Seascape Dimensional Wood Art Keepsake Urn

6. Farm & Cattle Wooden Cremation Urn

7. Laser Carved Cherry Wood Butterfly Cremation Urn

8. Salmon Fishing Wood Art Cremation Urn

9. Maple Wood Cremation Urn with Cross Inlay

10. Hawaiian Beach Inlay Art Wood Urn

If you're interested in viewing more cremation urn product videos, demonstrations such as how to use a biodegradable water scattering urn or how to open an urn and more, check out the Urns Northwest YouTube Channel.