3-Dimensional Inlay Art Wood Cremation Urns Photo Gallery

3-Dimensional Inlay Art Wood Cremation Urns Photo Gallery

Many of the designs from our  3-Dimensional Inlay Art Wood Cremation Urns collection have been best-sellers for years.

Always customer favorites, these elegant and timeless inlay scenes are all crafted in the USA from premium wood and laser etched in fine detail. Each urn is made in several wood types, typically Oak and Walnut, plus many are also available in Maple and Mahogany woods as well.

There are over 50 thematic inlay art designs from which to choose, all of which are composed using a selection of premium woods in their natural colors. The different elemants are inset into several layers to create a lifelike three-dimensional effect that will captivate the viewer and honor your loved one's memory.

Over the years, we've taken many additional photos of these urns and would like to present a gallery for you to see the many angle, varieties, and details each of these inlay art wood cremation urns can offer. We make these in standard, companion, and keepsake sizes; as heirloom clock urns and keepsake boxes; and in multiple shape designs. See the end of this article for details on the various choices.

You can  view all the urns here.

3-Dimensional Inlay Art Wood Cremation Urns: Photo Gallery

3-Dimensional Inlay Art Wood Cremation Urns: Options

Each of these are available with a variety of options. Read  this article for more information and photos of the various styles. Here is a brief summary:

Urn Art Designs

Here is a sample of the many, many art designs available:

  • Alaskan Dogsled
  • Butterfly
  • Cycling
  • Dolphins
  • Elk
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Hunting
  • ...and many more!

Lighthouses, religious scenes, beaches, boats, wildlife, famous mountain ranges, rustic cabins, country lanes, farms and tractors, barns, surfing, sailing, skiing, gardening - the list goes on and on.

Urn Styles & Uses

  • Standard adult urn
  • Large companion urn for two people's remains
  • Heirloom clock and urn combination
  • Small sized urn; suitable for use as a child urn or when dividing the ashes
  • Keepsake sized urn that holds a very small amount of remains
  • Keepsake box / memory chest with top opening lid
  • Urn and memory chest combination - lower section is a standard urn, top area has hinged lid and 1-1/2" deep keepsake area

Urn Box Shapes

Standard adult urn is made in four shapes:

Companion and Small sized urns are made in the Hampton shape. Clock urns and keepsake/memory chest urns are only available as pictured.

Urn Wood Types

Each of these lovely urns are made with your choice of Oak or Walnut wood urn boxes. Almost all are also available in Maple or Mahogany as well. Here are the four types of wood we use for the boxes:

  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Mahogany

View the complete collection here.