5 Reasons You & Yours Should Choose a Companion Cremation Urn

5 Reasons You & Yours Should Choose a Companion Cremation Urn

With cremation on the rise as a cost-effective alternative to a standard burial, couples making end-of-life arrangements in the current economy can look into buying a companion cremation urn as a simple and budget-friendly option in lieu of purchasing two separate individual urns. Here are five reason why you and yours should choose a companion cremation urn. 

1. Companion Cremation Urns Save You Money

Companion cremation urns simplify the storage and display of the couple’s cremated remains by holding both in a single cremation container. This larger unit, while larger than a standard urn, is significantly smaller than two urns side-by-side. This makes for a simpler burial process, a smaller niche in a mausoleum, or easier storage, transportation, and display of the urn. Smaller space, in many cases, translates to lower costs.

Additionally, a single companion cremation urn is almost always cheaper than two of the same design in the individual adult urn size. That's money in the bank for you.


2. Companion Urns Come in Oh So Many Styles

Companion urns are made using a variety of materials, including metal, marble, plastic, wood, and biodegradable materials. Within a given medium, style and designs will vary significantly.

For instance, at Urns Northwest we offer a wide selection of wood companion urns, such as a  wood urn with a photo frame on the front, a book- or Bible-shaped urn with doves on the “cover”, or a rectangular urn box with three-dimensional inlay art scenes. But the options don’t end there.

The various scenes for the “ Companion Urn with 3 Dimensional Scene” are crafted using various exotic and domestic hardwoods in their natural colors, cut and laser engraved then inlaid like a 3-D jigsaw puzzle to produce an intricately detailed image with a real sense of depth.

The scenes available in this design are extensive, including idyllic outdoor scenes, such as: a lighthouse against a rocky seacoast, a cowboy riding his trusty horse through the desert towards the setting sun, a farmer riding his tractor home to the farm one last time; animal scenes: an elk in the woods, dolphins leaping through the crest of a wave, a hummingbird or butterfly fluttering near lush flowers; hobby scenes: a rustic cabin nestled against a lake, a golfer finishing his final round, a sailboat rounding the final bend toward shore.

And those are just the wooden ones! We also have  bronzeceramicgranite, and biodegradable companion urns, with butterflieshummingbirdsrosesphoto engraving, and more.

3. Companion Urns Allow You to Co-Mingle the Ashes

Co-mingling ashes is a powerful symbol of the unity and love you shared in your life together. Many couples, when  planning their final arrangements, wish to mix their cremated remains together into a single urn. Companion urns (with a few exceptions) are generally designed for this.

Here's one example, the  Boston II Companion Urn, which allows you to choose to co-mingle or not:

4. Companion Urns Allow You to Keep the Ashes Separate

Many of our wooden companion urns include a removeable interior divider. This option allows you to choose to have the remains co-mingled inside the urn as a symbol of your unity in life and in death (see point #3), or, alternately, to keep the ashes separated to represent your individuality, while still being united forever in a beautiful companion urn as a token of the depth of your love.


5. This Companion Cremation Urn is Amazing

Far and away our most popular design, the  Together Again Companion Cremation Urn is the paragon of companion urns. Combining real life with romance, a simple composition with intricate wood artistry, and premium crafstmanship with affordable pricing, this memorial is simply amazing.

Choosing a Companion Cremation Urn

The simplicity, economy, and nearly endless stylistic options make companion urns an affordable choice for the budget shopper, and the symbolism of two united as one makes companion urns the romantic choice.