A Lovely Little Cedar Wood Pet Urn

A Lovely Little Cedar Wood Pet Urn

This little beauty is crafted in the USA using incredibly aromatic select Tennessee cedar wood. Designed for your beloved pet, the dimensions of our premium  Cedar Wood Pet Cremation Urn measure 7" wide by 4" deep and 4.25" high, allowing for 50 cubic inches of interior capacity.

TIP: 50 cubic inches means that there is enough room in the urn for a pet who weighed up to 50 pounds.

Note the lovely grain patterns, with yellow and orange streaking which will be completely unique to each piece:

The inside of the pet urn is accessed by removing bottom panel, which you can see attaches using two standard screws. Here is a demonstration of how to open and fill a pet cremation urn:

For an additional visual, here is the video that showcases this  lovely little cedar wood pet urn:

And for the quickest, simplest visual of all, here is the cedar pet urn presented as a gif: