Best Reviewed Companion Cremation Urn

Best Reviewed Companion Cremation Urn

What is our best-reviewed companion cremation urn? Without a doubt, our most popular and beloved companion urn is the Together Again

The Together Again Companion Urn is a gorgeous wood urn crafted in the USA from your choice of Walnut or Oak wood, featuring a lovely and iconic woodcarved inlay image of a devoted couple walking hand-in-hand down an old country lane on their final journey home together.

Before we get to the reviews, first, some photos. In gorgeous Walnut wood:

A closeup on the detail of the 3-dimensional inlay scene:

In brilliant Oak wood, giving you a sense of the depth:

From the side, the Together Again scene in oak:

Here is a top view of the urn, in Walnut:

Now, how about those reviews! You can see more on the "Reviews" tab on the product page here, but below are some excerpts:

"This urn exceeded my expectations. It is beautiful and well done. My husband was a woodworker so it is an appropriate container to celebrate our life together."

"My parents were married almost 65 years and were inseparable. They are now reunited in heaven. I feel without a doubt that my mother would approve of my choice and so would my father. Even the funeral director commented on the beauty of this urn. It was important to me that it is made in the United States, and that it is symbolic of the deep love that my parents had for each other. If you want an urn with great workmanship and wonderful symbolism, you can do no better than this one."

"My parents absolutely love it. It is not your typical vase shaped urn. The picture on the front is so fitting for someone married 67 years. It was like it was made just for them."

"This urn is beautiful. It is finished with a matte finish which I had hoped for. It is understated in a very elegant way. The engraving was done well and precisely. It is not overly large, but compact and only as large as it has to be in order to be the 400 cu inch capacity. This is an urn that I would definitely recommend to a couple who feel they want to be together after life as well as they were before death."

"Can't express enough how beautiful this "Together Again" Couples Urn is. The workmanship on the wood is beautiful."

"The picture on the Together Again companion urn is perfect in every detail, the urn made with master woodworking hands, and the customer service at this company superb!"

"It is more beautiful than imagined."

"The urn is beautiful. Even better than I imagined."

"Very happy about this purchase. Was a bit nervous about ordering online, but everything was perfect and great service and the urn is beautiful. Just wanted to let you know."

Finally, here is a video showing you our best-reviewed companion urn in great detail: