New additions to our line of Cremation Urn Vaults

New additions to our line of Cremation Urn Vaults

We've partnered with a new supplier to expand our selection of burial vaults for cremation urns. These urn vaults are outer containers that hold and protect the memorial urn when buried in the ground in a cemetery plot.

The purpose of a cremation urn vault is primarily to protect the cemetery grounds. Since most wood, ceramic, metal, cardboard, and other types of urns will eventually decompose or simply be compressed and crushed by the weight of the ground, it is important to use a non-biodegradable protective container to prevent this from happening. A "burial vault" or "urn vault" is a sturdy, durable vessel that accomplishes this task.

Additionally, using an urn burial vault will provide the family with a sense of security and dignity when burying the remains. For this reason, our new line of burial vaults are designed in a variety of color finish options, decorative appliques, and come with blank engraveable plates for you to personalize.

Applique selection:

  • Cross & Rays
  • Guardian Angel
  • Hand & Wreath
  • Mountain Forest
  • Our Blessed Mother
  • Stars & Stripes

Finish options:

  • Emerald Green
  • Sandstone Mahogany
  • Gray Granite
  • White Granite
  • Tuscan Blue

Here are the new vaults.


The Convertible is our smallest vault. With a capacity of just 180 cubic inches, this burial vault is ideal for holding simply the remains without an urn, or for holding a very small child or pet urn. Shown here in the Emerald Green finish.


The Cosmos Urn Burial Vault is a spacious vault with our simplest design, which includes one decorative emblem and one engraving plate. Pictured in White Granite.


The Constellation is pictured above in the Gray Granite finish, which contrasts beautifully with the bronze-colored appliques, engraving plate, and brass hex bolts.


The Galaxy Urn Burial Vault is perfectly sized to hold most rectangular cremation urns. Or, with its interior capacity of 496 cubic inches, it can hold the remains (sans urn) of two individuals who wish to be buried together, such as a husband and wife. The Galaxy includes a blank plate for you to get personalized locally as well as your choice of two metal applique emblems. Pictured above is the Sandstone Mahogany finish.


The Global Urn Burial Vault is our premium offering. This is the most spacious vault in the new line, and it comes with your choice of two decorative appliques and three blank engraving plates.