New Designs in Our 3-Dimensional Wood Art Cremation Urns Collection

New Designs in Our 3-Dimensional Wood Art Cremation Urns Collection

We've offered our premium collection of 3-dimensional wood art cremation urns for over 12 years. This line of gorgeous woodcraft memorial urns has seen a few additions over the years, but in the past several months we've unveiled an entire array of unique themes designed to honor the niche interests of your loved one in a special, artistic way.

Since the begining of the year, we've added more than 20 newly designed wood art engraved scenes. These new themes include an entire line of floral art urns, famous mountain ranges, plus cowboy, gardener, fishing, and cycling motifs.

Each urn is made in the USA from solid slabs of premium 3/4" wood, available in honey-yellow Oak, dark espresso Walnut, or creamy white Maple wood. With a capacity of 230 cubic inches and elegant clear coat finish, these wood art cremation urns are designed to endure as an heirloom memorial.

Here are our newest additions:

3-Dimensional Wood Art Cremation Urns

Famous Mountain Ranges

Pictured above is Wyoming's Grand Teton mountains, but our Wood Cremation Urn with Famous Mountain Ranges is also available with:

  • Four Peaks (Arizona)
  • Longs Peak (Colorado)
  • Mount Hood (Oregon)
  • Mount McKinley (Alaska)
  • Mount Rainier (Washington State)
  • Pikes Peak (Colorado)

You can see many more details regarding this urn in the video below:

Lily Flowers Urn

Our line of Floral Urns includes this gorgeous inlay of lilies, crafted from white maple over an inlay of natural cherry. The white flowers in the Lilies Astoria Wood Cremation Urn contrast perfectly against the walnut wood, as shown in the video above.

Mountain Bicycle Urn

Mountain biking is a popular hobby here in the Pacific Northwest, and this new design conveys that perfectly with an inlay wood art scene of evergreen-laden mountains and a rugged cyclist.

Hawaiian Beach Urn

The Hawaiian Beach Urn with Outrigger Canoe is shown here in the Ambassador urn box style. Also available in Oak or Maple wood, the dark Walnut wood pictured here is bordered by cherry wood against an inlay panel of white maple, which is laser etched with a Hawaii beach scene and 3D accents of a setting sun and the ubiquitous outrigger canoe beloved by visitors to the Islands.

Praying Cowboy Urn

We have many urns designed for cowboys, but this new memorial art urn is intended to honor the Christian faith of boot-wearing, horse-riding, praying man. The Praying Cowboy Dimensional Inlay Art Urn uses maple, rosewood, and walnut wood to depict a cowboy kneeling in prayer before the cross, with his beloved horse saddled and waiting for the day's adventures.

Cherry Blossoms Urn

The Astoria urn shape in white maple wood is a lovely setting for the pink laser carved cherry blossoms.

Carnation Inlay Art Urn

The Carnations Flower Inlay Cremation Urn, pictured here in an attractive Octagon shape in walnut, feature red rosewood-finished carnations laser etched in detail and set against a backdrop of cherry.

Chrysanthemum Flowers Urn

White mums are featured prominently in the Chrysanthemum Astoria Cremation Urn, looking vibrant in white maple set into a walnut wood Astoria urn.

Dogwood Flowers

The Dogwood Flower Cremation Urn boasts an attractive border design surrounding the detailed etchings of dogwood tree blossoms. The walnut wood urn box is crafted in the USA into an Octagon shape.

Salmon Fishing Urn

We have a similar design featuring a boat fisherman reeling in Bass, so this new addition to our premier collection is designed specifically for the salmon fishing enthusiast as the Salmon Fishing Wood Art Cremation Urn.

Gardening Urn

The craft and dedication of the avid gardener are honored with the Gardening Dimensional Art Inlay Cremation Urn, which includes inlays of maple, walnut, yellow heart, rosewood, and cherry to emulate gardening tools and accessories.

Bicycle Road Home Urn

Another new addition for a cycling enthusiast, the Bicycle Road Home Cremation Urn features a cyclist riding your choice of road or off-road bike through our timeless Road Home wood art scene.

Hunter & Dog Cremation Urn

This rustic art engraving shows a hunting dog and his master tracking their prey through the woodland wild. The Hunter & Dog Cremation Urn is a beautiful wood art inlay memorial for an avid hunter.

Moose in Forest Urn

Another design for hunters, hikers, or anyone who loved the outdoors, the Moose in Forest Wood Cremation Urn is similar to our Elk and Deer designs, but with more of an Alaskan look and feel to it with the moose rambling along the banks of a still lake beneath the towering mountains.

Cattle & Farm Wood Urn

Our classic farm inlay art scene with a new twist: Texas longhorn cattle. The sun sets on the rolling pastures of an idyllic farm or ranch, complete with red barn, as the cattle wander home in the foreground.