New Eco-Friendly Water Burial Urns

New Eco-Friendly Water Burial Urns

Our selection of eco-friendly cremation urns is continually growing, as more families turn their attention to the environmental effects of the cremation, burial, and scattering of remains.

Water burial is a term which can sometimes be used to refer to water scattering; however, the term is more precisely used when the entire urn (or casket) is buried at sea. Water burial is often preferred over water scattering because the remains, pardon the pun, "remain" in the urn instead of being poured out and risking the effects of wind, boat motion, human error, etc.

Water burial urns are dropped in the sea, float briefly (beginning to sink as the water soaks through the biodegradable material, and as air pockets within the urn empty), then descend to the ocean floor to slowly decompose and release the ashes into the surrounding water.

We jumped into the "eco-friendly" boat early on, so we have had a selection of premium-quality water burial urns for quite some time now. But recently we added several new items to our collection, so without further ado, here they are:

The Biodegradable Turtle Water Burial Urns are unique, adorable, and made from recycled materials. Available in standard adult and tiny "mini keepsake" size to suit any need.

Our stunning and gorgeous Biodegradable Shell Urns are available in Aqua (as pictured) as well as luminescent Coral and the softer, more contemplative Sand color. These are quite large and can hold up to 400 cubic inches, the standard "Companion Urn" size which will generally hold enough capacity for the remains of two people.

The Memento Water Scattering Urn is the complete package for a water burial memorial service. Available in CoralBlue, and White, these biodegradable urns include eco-friendly note cards and a special slot to insert the notes so that everyone at the service can write a final goodbye note and place it into the urn prior to the burial.

These nifty water burial urns are made entirely from all-natural Himalayan Rock Salt. Available in Standard and Mini sizes as pictured.

The Journey Earthurn series has long been a bestseller among our eco-friendly urns, but now we have more colors: Embossed Fern (as pictured here), Embossed PearlGreenNatural, and Navy Blue. The shape is aesthetically pleasing and sustainably produced.