Pirate Urns

Pirate Urns

Pirates! The thrills on the high seas! The roar of cannon, the clash of swords, the promise of untold riches! From real life pirates such as Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, Sir Francis Drake, and many others, to popular fictional characters like Captain Hook, Jack Sparrow, Long John Silver, and more, the seafaring tales of privateers have inspired and thrilled countless generations readers and moviegoers. 

If your loved one collected pirate paraphernilia, read novels or histories of high seas adventures, or just simply loved the period feel ofTreasure Island or The Pirates of the Caribbean, you may be considering a pirate theme for their cremation urn.

Here are a few attractive, non-gaudy urns which would be a fitting tribute for a pirate-at-heart.

Treasure Chest Urn

This "Treasure Chest Urn" is ideal for a pirate with its gorgeous Piano Wood Finish and an elegant felt-lined valuables chamber. This treasure chest-style cremation urn is crafted with a bottom-opening panel which houses the remains and a separate, hinged-lid memory chest area on top. Perfectly stores spare hooks, eye-patches, and treasure maps, and can also fit the optional matching Piano Wood Finish photo album.

Sailing Ship Pirate Urn

Crafted in the USA from solid walnut wood, the pirate ship scene on the front of this cremation urn is made from several layers of various types of laser engraved woods, each in their natural color to create a lifelike depiction of a sailing ship on the high seas. The Sailing Ship Pirate Urn will suit your pirate perfectly.

Octagon Sailing Ship Urn

Similar in design to the previous sailing ship urn, this pirate urn is crafted in an ocatgonal shape with a wider view of the ocean and a slightly smaller ship. This urn is available in your choice of walnut (pictured), oak, or maple wood, and has plently of surface on the top for a personalized inscription.

Pirate Flag Urn

For a more affordable and customizable option, try making your own pirate urn from our Photo Display Cremation Urn. You can trade out the photo any time you like, so you can easily experiment with pirate flags, ships, photos of your loved on in pirate costumes or on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World, or anything else you like.