Recent Popular Posts, Products, and Photos

Recent Popular Posts, Products, and Photos

Funerals and funeral-related products aren't always what people want to see in their social media feeds, so we try to keep our social channels focused on the positive, interesting, or informative aspects related to our products and services. We'll post encouraging quotes or heartwarming photos, helpful tips on the options you have available to you or ways to save when shopping online, pictures of the quality and beauty of our memorials, and the occasional bit of humor.

We try to curate well the content we share, and occasionally a post, product, or photo will connect with people and they'll share it. Here's a few of our recent popular posts, and the channels through which you can follow us if you're so inclined.

1. Comforting Bible Verses

Our all-time most pinned page, featuring dozens of comforting Scripture verses like the one pictured here. Set in attractive fonts and overlaid onto gorgeous nature scenery, these verses have been repinned and shared thousands of times and have hopefully been an encouragement to our friends out there on the interwebs.

2. Biodegradable Memorial Tree Urn - Oak Tree

Our collection of Memorial Tree Urns has been surprisingly popular on our Facebook page, with the different varieties of trees we offer taking our top 5 slots for products with the most Facebook "Likes". These are eco-friendly burial urns which hold a medium-smallish amount of remains. Place the ashes into the urn, bury it, and soon a little tree will begin to grow. The unique part is that the proprietary design of the urn actually incorporates the ashes into helping the memorial tree to grow, so that in a sense your loved one "lives on" through the growth of the memorial tree. We have a variety of 19+ tree types, including the new "Personal Choice" which allows you to insert your own seeds, meaning that the options for memorial trees are now limitless.

3. 'Til I See You Again

I will carry you with me
'Til I see you again...

This quote with the touching image of birds flying away has been one of the more popular posts on our Tumblr blog. We use Tumblr partly to share quotes and product photos, but chiefly it's an outlet for our quirky side. Being in the funeral industry, we see all sorts of odd ideas and things that make us scratch our heads. Our Tumblr blog is the place we allow ourselves to poke fun at ourselves and our industry while sharing helpful advice, beautiful products, and encouraging quotes.

4. In Loving Memory: Bible Verses for Epitaph

We get many questions about what to put in an epitaph, or how to format an urn inscription. Most people have an idea of what they want, they just need to explore the options a bit or get a little help remembering that perfect quote. The Bible is a classic source for epitaph quotes, and this blog post which rounds up 40 or so short and memorable Scripture verses has proven to be our most-read blog post for years.  

5. Dryer Lint

This dorky quote, from our equaly dorky post of 20 Hilarious Funeral Humor Memes, has been another popular post on both Pinterest and Google Plus. A prime example of our quirky sense of humor.