Rosewood Cremation Urns

Rosewood generally refers to Brazillian Rosewood, a beautiful hadwood which can vary in color from a darker chocolate brown to a lighter purplish or reddish brown, with darker contrasting streaks. This type of Rosewood is rare, listed as a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List. Due to the scarcity of true Rosewood we offer the cremation urns below which are made from real, solid wood (generally Walnut or Cherry) with a Rosewood stain which simulates Brazillian Rosewood.

Note: We can make any urn below with Rosewood finish. Some urns below are pictured in a different type of wood; these will give you the option of choosing Rosewood on the product page.

For further information about our Rosewood cremation urns and other types of hardwoods used in our memorials, see Cremation Urn Wood Types or call us at 877-900-5309. 

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