Shipping Cremated Remains via USPS

Shipping Cremated Remains via USPS

Shipping Cremated Remains: USPS Label 139Shipping Cremated Remains: USPS Label 139

The United States Postal Service has developed a new label for shipping cremated remains. This label, known as Label 139 Cremated Remains, is intended to increase visibility in transit of packages containing cremated remains.

Prior to August 26, 2013, there was no official means of identifying cremated remains in the mailstream. Though not required, Label 139 is intended to increase visibility of cremated remains during Postal Service processing to help ensure proper care is rendered.

Where to Get Label 139

Postal service employees will apply Label 139 to the package when a customer identifies a package as containing cremated remains. The label is also available through for use along with prepaid shipping labels.

Shipping Cremated Remains: Available USPS Services

Cremated remains are only mailable using the approved USPS services listed below. The new Label 139 can be added to the shipment of cremated remains when using these services:

  • Priority Mail Express
  • Registered Mail:
    • Priority Mail (excluding Critical Mail)
    • First-Class Package Service
    • First-Class Mail Parcels

International Shipping Regulations

Here are the regulations provided at for shipping cremated remains internationally:

Cremated remains (human ashes) are permitted to be mailed internationally under the following conditions:

  • The cremated remains are not otherwise prohibited by the destination country (see the Individual Country Listing).
  • The package is sent by either of the following methods (with the selected method being available for the destination country):
    1. Priority Mail Express International service.
    2. First-Class Package International Service using Registered Mail service.

The mailer must package cremated remains (human ashes) in a strong and durable container. If powders could escape from their containers and thereby cause damage, discomfort, destruction, or soiling, the mailer must pack the powders either in a sift-proof container or in other containers sealed in durable, sift-proof outer containers.