"The grave is but a covered bridge..."

"The grave is but a covered bridge..."

The grave is but a covered bridge,
leading from light to light,
through a brief darkness.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Covered bridges may be a metaphor for life, as Longfellow's character Elsie in The Golden Legend observed; they may be appreciated as a symbol of bygone times and another, slower way of life; or they may simply be enjoyed for their unique beauty at the crossroads of man and nature.

In any case, covered bridges are a popular theme in literature and countryside sightseeing. If your loved one especially liked covered bridges, we have some lovely covered bridge cremation urn designs which can provide a fitting and elegant memorial tribute for a covered bridge enthusiast.

These wooden urns are crafted in the USA from solid hardwoods, and can be custom laser engraved with an inscription. The "keepsake" urn is a smaller version which is intended to hold only a tiny amount of remains; the other two urns are standard sized and are available in your choice of oak or walnut wood.