Transferring Remains into a Cremation Urn

Most likely you’ve never had the responsibility before of disposing a loved one’s cremated remains. What to do? There are many options, from a simple burial, scattering, permanent storage in a columbarium niche, and, of course, selecting a fitting and attractive cremation urn for display in your home.

If you are planning on keeping a loved one’s “cremains” (cremated remains) in a funeral urn in your home, here are several options for transferring the remains from the temporary plastic or cardboard urn you received from the crematorium into a beautiful permanent display urn purchased from our online store:

1. Transfer the Ashes Yourself

To place the remains in the cremation urn you ordered online, simply open the cardboard or plastic temporary urn and remove the plastic bag containing the cremains. Then place the sealed plastic bag into the permanent urn and reattach the urn’s lid (for most ceramic urns) or bottom opening panel (for most metal or wood urns). You may use wood glue or caulking as a sealant, but this is not required as long as the ashes remain in the plastic bag.

2. Have the Funeral Home Transfer the Ashes

If you are uncomfortable with handling the remains, the funeral home or crematorium will transfer the remains into your cremation urn for you. Funeral homes are required by law to use the container of your choice, even if it is purchased from an outside source. Most funeral homes are very nice about doing this for you.

3. Place the Temporary Urn Inside a Permanent Urn

Additionally, at Urns Northwest we offer several urns which will hold some of the standard sizes of temporary urns, so that you can simply insert the entire cardboard or plastic urn into the permanent urn. Contact us at 877-900-5309 with any questions you may have about transferring remains.