How to Easily Save $100 on Funeral Expenses (One Simple Tip)

It's normal and natural to want more money in your pocket. So, do you want to easily save $100 (give or take) on the funeral expenses?

Here's how.

(Note that the emphasis is on the "easy" part. I have no idea how much you'll actually save with this tip. The point is that you'll be saving a small yet noticeable chunk of change with almost zero additional effort. You might save $25 or you might save $400; it just depends on what you want.)

Funeral Expenses vs. Time, Effort, and Stress

When you're planning a funeral, it's easy to get carried away with the expenses.

You don't want to shortchange your loved one's memory by being cheap. At the same time, you don't want to get ripped off because you're in a delicate and emotional situation.

Sometimes it's worth it to pay more for better quality products, better service, or to simply save time and effort.


All other things being equal, you might as well make one little tweak and save some cash.

One Simple Tip to Help You Save $100 Today

So here's our simple tip: Buy the cremation urn now.

"Hmmm..." you think. "So, why will this help me save a hundred bucks?"

We'll tell you, but first, full disclosure: We sell cremation urns, and we (obviously) want you to buy from us. That's how we earn a living. Still, we try our best to not simply "sell stuff," but truly help our customers. That's why we actually answer the phone (during business hours), and write tons of help articles, and spend time talking or emailing with people to help them find the best memorial. If you're looking for a cheap urn, we'll send you to Amazon or wherever; if you're looking for a nice, premium urn, we'll help you find the right one with the perfect design (and make sure it's sized appropriately, arrives on time, etc).

So, from over 20 years experience in the funeral industry, our best tip to help you save is this:

Buy the urn now.

Here's why this will help you save:

  • Funeral home urns are typically more expensive. They give you the advantage of having the urn right there, right now. But it comes at a cost. They have to pay for that showroom space, after all. It's like buying from a convenience store: It's convenient, but you'll save more in the long run if you plan out your needs and shop at the grocery store. So, planning ahead and buying the urn online will save you some cash (and probably give you many, many more options).
  • If you wait until the last minute, you'll have to deal with rush shipping costs. Shipping (especially Overnight or 2-Day "air" delivery) can be very costly. We do it all the time, since we often have families come to us having found the perfect urn in our store, but they need it ASAP. The alternative, of course, is getting an urn from the funeral home. But like we just mentioned: It costs more, and sometimes it's cheaper to get the urn you really want from us and pay to have it expedited.

When you consider those two factors, our advice is to simply buy the urn now. If you can do it well ahead of time, that's wonderful - it will save you money and stress.

But even if you order a day or two sooner than you would have, well, we'll work with you to keep your costs down. If we can rearrange the production schedule (without affecting our delivery promises to other customers) or find a way to ship it with free ground delivery for you, we'll do it.

In all, we've found that this simple step will save you an average of about $100 on the cremation urn. From the prices customers have reported to us regarding similar products at the funeral home, and with the average cost of overnight delivery being between $80 on up to $150 or more, you can easily save a nice chunk of your funeral expenses by just doing this:

Get the urn now.

If you're not sure where to start, here are our 12 Best-Selling Urns for Ashes.

What If We Don't Need An Urn?

So, what if your loved one is getting buried in the traditional way (without cremation), or you have some other reason that you don't need an urn?

Great question!

Our area of expertise is with cremation urns, so that's why we can so confidently give this tip on saving when purchasing an urn ahead of time. We've seen it time and time again - people who plan ahead get the urn they want at a low price. People who don't plan ahead pay $$$ big bucks for shipping, yet still tell us they are saving by buying from us rather than the funeral home.

As for other ways to save...

More Ways to Save on Funeral Expenses

Check out this article on buying inexpensive caskets, and then look into burial shrouds (where the body is buried with no casket, but instead simply wrapped in a fabric shroud).

For more tips on how to plan a budget-friendly funeral, read the Frugal Funeral Planning Guide over at US Urns Online, where you'll learn 50 more tips to help you save big on memorial expenses.

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