Cremation Urns for Couples: 10 Beautiful Urns for the Two of You

Did you know that there are cremation urns for couples? These are urns for ashes specifically designed for two people.

The funeral industry term for a cremation urn for couples is a "companion urn." This is an urn with double-sized capacity (approximately 400 cubic inches). It will have plenty of room to hold the ashes of two people.

There are two main reasons why couples choose a companion urn as their final resting place. You'll probably be able to come up with more (here are five), but let's hit the two big ones.

1. An urn for the two of you will keep you "together forever"

Together in life, together in death. Together forever.

That's the sentiment that draws couples to the idea of a companion urn. You lived your lives with one another - and for one another - so why not be together.... always?

These cremation urns for couples allow you to keep your ashes close by one another even after you're both gone. You can keep the remains in their individual plastic bags (that's how the ashes come from the crematorium) yet placed together in the urn. Or you can commingle the ashes into a single bag and place them together in the container. It's up to you.

2. An urn for the two of you will save you money

Companion urns are generally more expensive than similar standard sized urns. Which makes sense, because they are bigger. But a companion urn will often cost much less than buying two individual urns. So an urn for the two of you will be easier on your budget.

10 Beautiful Cremation Urns for Couples

Let's take a look at ten lovely urns for the two of you.

All of these urns are made in the USA.

1. Together Again Urn

Together Again Urn for Two

Available here.

Our most popular cremation urn for couples.

Made in the USA, this urn features a three-dimensional inlay scene made from various types of wood in their natural colors.

The focal point is the couple, walking arm in arm down an old country lane, together again in one last walk off into the sunset.

2. Cherry Sculpture Art Companion Urn

Cherry Urn for Two People

Available here.

Another wood memorial for two crafted in the USA, this one is made from solid cherry wood and features decorative art carving all the way around.

It's been one of our most consistently popular urns for couples for well over a decade.

3. Glass Urns for Couples

Glass Companion Urns

Available here.

Our glass urns are individually hand blown by extremely talented artisans right here in Oregon.

While these are most popular in the standard (single) size, we've begun offering them sized as a companion urn for couples and you'll be amazed at the artistry and craftsmanship.

Available in many colors.

4. Lovebirds Wall Mounted Memorial Plaque Urn

Wall Mounted Companion Urn for Couples

Available here.

Yes, this is a memorial plaque. It's personalized with a laser engraved inscription for the couple, which can include their name and dates or wedding date or any other text you like. There's a pair of lovebirds, cute leafy branches, and a heart.

It ALSO happens to be a cremation urn. With a 3" depth, there's space between the front and back panels to fit the cremated remains of two people. It gets mounted on the wall to serve as a memorial tribute, and no one needs to know that it's also an urn.

Unless you want to tell them, of course.

Shop all our memorial plaques urns here.

5. Lovebirds Inlay Cremation Urn for Couples

Lovebirds Cremation Urn for Couple

Available here.

Rich, lush walnut wood inlaid with a maple wood carving of two lovebirds. This is one of our most popular urns for couples, and you can see why.

6. Dragonfly Raku Urn for Two

Ceramic Ashes Urns for Couples

Available here.

This ceramic urn is handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest using the ancient Raku pottery style.

During production, the urn is placed into a combustion chamber along with dried leaves and other foliage. When the combustion chamber is sealed, the dried materials burst into flame and create a one-of-a-kind pattern on the urn.

7. Soulmates Companion Urn

Soulmates Urns for Couples

Available here.

The Soulmates design is the perfect choice.

Not only does it feature a stunning inlay art scene, a timeless depiction of a couple enjoying a moment together on a bench overlooking a mountain lake, your choice of oak, walnut, maple, or mahogany wood, and top-tier American craftsmanship, but it also includes personalization of the couple's names and anniversary date on the back of the bench.

For true soulmates only.

8. Classic Marble Double Urns

Stone Urns for Couples

Available here.

Our popular line of classic marble urns are all available in companion urn size. With many colors from which to choose and the ideal surface for custom laser engraving, this is a timeless choice to use as the urn for a devoted couple.

9. Hand Turned "Pure" Maple Urn

Hand Turned Pure Maple Wood Companion Urn

Available here.

This is one of several companion urns we offer that are handcrafted from a single block of wood.

The artist carefully chooses each piece from a section of a fallen tree that he finds in the woods. This means that no trees were cut down to make the memorial.

He then cuts down the block into an urn shape and turns it on a lathe, hollowing out the interior to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind vessel with space for the remains of two people.

10. Engraved Photo Companion Urn

Engraved Granite Photo Companion Urn

Available here.

Our granite companion urn comes in a rich black color, which looks wonderful with a frosty white etching of the couple's favorite photo together.

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We have many more couples urns available in a wide range of styles, designs, and material types. Each one holds approximately 400 cubic inches, which is the industry standard amount for two people.

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