Together Again Companion Urn

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The beautiful wooden Together Again Companion Urn honors a lifelong journey of blissful love and steady companionship as it enters its final stages. The loving couple walks down the pathway of life, arm in arm. Their mutual support and continual affirmation of one another is evident as they stroll along, watching the setting sun emerge from the clouds and give forth it its most luminous rays as it fades behind the distant mountains.

Our Together Again Companion Urn is crafted as a wonderful tribute to a loving couple, celebrating a shared love, a shared life, and an expression of togetherness forever. This companion cremation urn (or "double urn") is a woodcut masterpiece, featuring a tender engraved scene of a man and woman, arm in arm, walking down life's pathway on their journey home. 

Available in Oak or Walnut wood, this companion funeral urn is made in the USA and holds the remains of two individuals. The scene is laser engraved and assembled with multiple hardwoods in their natural colors, producing a lifelike dimensional effect and a heartwarming depiction of a country road with an oak tree, the setting sun, and a representation of the companions on their journey home.


  • Made in the USA
  • Real wood
  • Choice of oak or walnut
  • 11" L x 8" W x 7" H
  • 400 cubic inches
  • Large capacity
  • Holds the remains of two adults
  • Bottom opening panel attaches with screws
  • Laser engraved personalization is available
  • Woodcut and engraved scene

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How to open a companion urn

  • The video below shows how to open a wooden companion urn. Note: the Together Again Companion Urn does not include a divider.


  • If you have questions about this urn, or if you need rush shipping or would prefer to order via phone please call 877-900-5309


Q: How are two people's remains placed into the companion urn?

A: The entire bottom panel of the urn is removeable. When you're ready to fill the urn, flip it over and remove the screws holding the panel using a standard screwdriver. The interior will be completely open. Place the plastic bag containing the remains (which you will have received from the crematorium inside of a temporary plastic or cardboard box) inside the urn. The Together Again Companion Urn is large enough to hold two of these plastic bags. You can either place each individual's remains into the urn separately, or you can co-mingle the remains by pouring them together into a single bag.

Q: How do we figure out if this companion urn is large enough?

A: The general rule of thumb is that 1 pound of healthy body weight will equal 1 cubic inch of remains. So, for example, a 200 lbs person will require an urn with a volume of about 200 cubic inches. This item has a capacity of 400 cubic inches, so if the combined healthy weight of the couple is 400 lbs or less this urn is ideal. Here is a handy chart which will help you figure the healthy weight for men and women based on height.

Q: How do we do the personalization when one person in the couple is still living?

A: There are several options available to you, the most common of which involves either 1) not mentioning the birth/death dates, or 2) using the years married (i.e., "Married 1963-2012" or "Together 49 Wonderful Years"). We have a great list of suggestions, with visual samples, in our Complete Guide to Companion Urns.