Cedar Cremation Urns

Cedar is a rich, colorful, and aromatic wood ranging in color from reddish to violet brown, with pale golden sapwood streaked throughout. Knots are common in cedar and in our cedar wood cremation urns, and tend to add to the beauty and uniqueness of the finished memorial. Cedar's aroma is pleasant and distinct, often used in closets and memory chests to repel moths and other insects.

We also offer a collection of gorgeous, American-made cedar bird feeders with custom engraved acrylic panels. These are ideal for inscribing your loved one's name and using as a memorial tribute or giving as a gift. You can see our cedar bird feeders here.

For further information about cedar and other types of hardwoods used for our cremation urns, see Cremation Urn Wood Types or call us at 877-900-5309.

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