Companion Plaque Urns

These unique companion plaque urns are part of our collection of Wall Mounted Cremation Urns. Each plaque doubles as a cremation urn, housing the cremated ashes between the front and back panels of the decorative plaque. We hand craft each memorial urn from solid wood and custom engrave it to order for you in our Oregon wood shop, delivering it to you ready to hang in memory of a loving couple.

Companion urns are designed to hold the remains of two adults. We offer our Wall Mounted Cremation Urns for Companions in two styles: a set of two matching urns, one for each individual, or a single plaque urn that has room for the remains of both people. These are premium quality cremation urns made in the USA and personalized to order for your loved ones. We are proud to be a part of your family's memorial.

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