Sand & Gelatin Cremation Urns

These biodegradable sand & gelatin cremation urns are made from actual beach sand combined with all-natural vegetable-based gelatin. Perfect for alternative disposition methods such as water scattering or eco-friendly ground burial.

Each urn comes with a water-soluble plastic bag to hold the remains and a handy cardboard carrying case for easy and elegant travel which will pass through TSA security screenings.

Our sand and gelatin burial urns are designed to for ground or sea burial. Small holes in the bottom helps the urn to float briefly in the water then gracefully sink to the ocean floor to biodegrade completely within about 3 days, scattering the ashes into the sea as the sand urn breaks down. Ground burial will result in the urn biodegrading in about 3 months as your loved one returns to the earth. 

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