Mango Wood Urns

Mango trees do not just produce delicious fruit, they also provide a sustainable source of wood that is durable and beautiful. Mango trees are fast growing yet have a limited cycle for productive fruit bearing, which is why on sustainable farms the mango trees are cut down and replaced after a lifespan of 7-15 years. The resulting timber boasts a kaleidoscope of colors including streaks of yellow, black, and even pink, with a golden-brown heartwood.

Just like the mango tree itself, our Birdsong Scattering Urns live on in usefulness after the original task has been completed. Designed for easy scattering of remains onto the ground or into the sea, these mango wood urns are crafted to be repurposed as a birdhouse. The birdhouse can be hung or placed on a stand where you can observe it every day as it serves local birds in a life-sustaining way in honor of the memory of your loved one.

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