What Is a Keepsake Urn?


A keepsake urn is a small urn which holds a tiny portion of cremains, usually between 1-35 cubic inches depending on the design of the keepsake (standard adult urn size holds 200 cubic inches).


Keepsake urns are used for a variety of purposes, usually to keep a small portion of remains as a memorial when your loved one's ashes are buried or kept in a columbarium. Many of our keepsake urns are smaller versions of a standard sized urn for this very reason.

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Keepsake urns are also sometimes known as "sharing keepsakes" because several relatives may wish to each keep a small portion of remains, or because an individual's remains may be entirely divided up between several loved ones.


Here is a video of our Dimensional Keepsake Urns which hold just 1 cubic inch of remains in a tiny compartment in the back of the urn:

Many options & designs

These keepsakes come in several beautiful and touching designs: Hummingbird (as shown in the video), Country Lane, Covered Bridge, Floral, Garden Walk, Rose Bouquet, the signature Road Home scene, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Seascape, and Waterfall.

Each of our keepsake products varies in the amount of remains it holds and in the particulars of the design. Click on any product in our Keepsake Urn category to find out more, and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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