Can I Get the Urn Delivered in Time?

Question: Can I get the urn delivered in time?

Answer: Most of the time, yes; we'll help you figure it out!

Will the urn be delivered in time?


  • Our urns typically take a few days to make or personalize (though some pieces can take longer and others are in stock, ready to ship).
  • However, we can often arrange rush production or delivery.
  • See each product page for general production/delivery info.
  • Contact us to arrange specific production/delivery time.
  • If you leave a note in "order comments" during checkout, we'll take that very seriously so feel free to provide detailed instructions.

Quick & Timely Urn Delivery

We get a lot a phone calls and emails from customers wondering if they can get the urn delivered in time.

Perhaps the urn is needed for a funeral or memorial service. Sometimes it's needed for a burial. Other times it has to be delivered before traveling, or during a tight window while the family is gathered in one location.

Whatever the reason or need, you probably need your loved one's cremation urn sooner rather than later.

We understand perfectly!

That's why we always strive to answer the phone (during daytime business hours; leave a message after hours and we'll call you back tomorrow) and respond promptly to emails and other messages.

We don't use an answering service. When you call, you'll talk to someone who knows our products, knows how to help, and can work with you to get the urn delivered when you need it.

If you don't contact us but leave a note in the order comments box, we'll either 1) make it happen for you or 2) contact you to let you know your options to get it in time.

Quick and timely delivery is important to you, so it's also important to us!

We'll work with you personally to make it happen.

Urn Production & Delivery Times

Many of our urns are made and personalized to order right here in the USA. That means it will take some time to produce and ship your order.

Still, we can often speed up production, and/or arrange for expedited shipping.

The production time is noted on each product page. Most orders shipped within the continental USA qualify for free shipping, which typically takes 2-5 business days. Again, we can also arrange overnight delivery, and there are 2- or 3-day shipping options as well.

So, in general, what should you expect for production and delivery time with one of our urns?

Urn Shipping Time-In-Transit

We offer several shipping options to suit your needs.

  • Free or flat-rate shipping - 2-8 business days, depending on location
  • Ground delivery - FedEx or UPS ground, generally 2-5 days depending on location
  • 3-day air - 3 business days
  • 2-day air - 2 business days
  • Overnight - 1 business day
  • Saturday delivery/AM (early morning) delivery - call for availability

All these transit times are after production, which may take several days. See next section.

Business days

Please consider these times in business days, by which we mean standard non-holiday working days. Most of the time it's not much of an issue, but sometimes your order coincides with a weekend and/or holiday.

For example, if your order ships via Overnight (1 day) delivery on Friday, it would be delivered on Monday. And if Monday happened to be Labor Day or some other holiday, your order would be delivered on Tuesday.

That sort of thing is rare, but you need to be aware of it.

Typically we'll try to work with you to arrange shipment an overnight order on, say, Thursday, so that it arrives before the weekend (when most funerals are typically held).

Urn Production Times

See each product page for the standard product time for that particular urn. Contact us for specific production times and delivery options.

Wood urns

Most of our wood urns are made to order within 5 business days or less. With most popular items, if you were to place an order on our site and choose the free delivery option, you will receive it in less than two weeks.

If you need a rush delivery, we can expedite production, shipping method, or both. Sometimes we have it in stock and can overnight it for delivery tomorrow. We can often make an urn in 24 hours and overnight it so that you get it in two days. Also, we can work with you to find an item that is in stock (for instance, the same design you wanted but in a different type of wood) and arrange rush delivery for that item.

Most of our wood urns ship from Oregon or Northern California, so factor that in when you think about shipping transit times.

Some artisan-crafted products take longer to make, or other times we may be maxed out on a specific design or urn shape so that it takes several days to produce. We'll let you know.

Just call us, we'll help you out!

Glass urns

Our hand-blown glass urns are almost always made to order. They only take 1-2 business days to make, so we can usually get them out quickly.

We will often have a few colors/designs in stock that can be shipped right away; contact us for availability. The same expedited shipping options apply (overnight, 2 or 3 day, standard ground).

Ceramic urns

Ceramic urns will either be in stock to ship right away, or will take several weeks to produce.

This is because some styles are stocked, while others are made to order. The ones that are made to order are individually handcrafted for your loved one, which makes it extra-special.

However, if you need it more quickly, we can still often arrange rush production or delivery. The artist typically makes two urns for each order, in case of catastrophe, so there is often something available in stock or nearing completion which can be used to fill your order. Just let us know what you need.

Other types of urns

Most biodegradable, metal, and stone urns are kept in stock. Personalization may take a day or two.

Personalized jewelry & memorial gifts

These will take a few days to personalize, but we can often get items out quickly to be delivered in time for your event or need-by date.

As always, look on each product page for further details, and contact us (or leave a note in the "order comments" box when checking out online) to arrange specifics: