Can This Urn Fit Into a Niche?

So you're shopping online for a cremation urn that will fit into a columbarium niche. You've found a memorial that you like, but now you need to know, will this particular urn fit into the niche?

Question: Can this urn fit into a columbarium niche?

Answer: Maybe - we'll help you figure it out!

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To learn more, let's talk about what a columbarium is and what urns are available to fit into one of the columbarium's niches.

What is a columbarium niche?

A columbarium is a structure, often outdoors, with protected spaces to hold cremation urns.

The columbarium could be a wall, a room, or an entire building. If it is a building, there will often be niches inside as well as lining the outside walls of the structure.

The columbarium niche is the protected space that holds the urn. Often this is covered by marble or have a metal door (think: like a post office box), though sometimes it can be a glass or other clear covering which allows you to see the urn inside.

What urns fit into a columbarium niche?

This will depend on the size of the niche. Most funeral homes offer a variety of sizes, and you'll pay more for a larger size.

People often choose the larger niches so that they can hold the remains of several people (typically husband and wife).

Or they might prefer the larger niche so that they can have room for a decorative urn plus other keepsakes, like a photo frame and memory box and other trinkets.

Others prefer to have a smaller, more affordable niche. For smaller niches, the urns must be simpler and more box-like.

Premium Urns Designed for Niche

The Arlington National Cemetery has cremation niches which are in the average-to-smaller size range. We have this urn, which is specifically designed to fit two urns into Arlington's tightest requirements:

Available here

At 8.5" tall, 8.5" deep, and 4.25" wide, our customers have found that these urns will fit into just about any niche.

Again, they are designed so that two urns together measure 8.5" cubed. Typically the smallest funeral home niches will be about 9" at the shortest dimension (but check with your funeral home or cemetery to confirm).

Made in the USA from real wood, these columbarium niche urns are available in your choice of Mahogany (pictured), Natural Cherry, or Oak wood. You can get a single urn, two singles, or a "companion" size urn which is one piece made into an 8.5" cube.

We can personalize these niche urns with a custom laser engraved inscription, and we also have military insignia medallions available for service members.

Other urns for niches

We have many other urns that will fit into columbarium niches. These include not only wooden box-type urns, but also ceramicglassmetal, and more. We can even adapt the size of many (though not all) urns to accommodate your particular niche dimensions or requirements.

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