Sympathy Quotes About Cardinals and Loved Ones

We've put together some of the most popular and heartwarming quotes about cardinals and loved ones.

Cardinals have long symbolized a loved one who has passed away. Some believe that the bird is their loved one, returning for a visit; others see the cardinal as a reminder of their dear departed one.

Whatever your outlook, every time you see a cardinal you can treasure once again the memories of someone who has gone from this world into the next.

Here are some sympathy quotes about cardinals and loved ones.

Quotes About Cardinals & Your Loved Ones

A Visitor From Heaven

There are several common variations of this pithy saying:

  • When God sends a cardinal, it's a visitor from heaven.
  • When a cardinal appears in your yard, it's a visitor from heaven.
  • Cardinals appear when angels are near.
  • Cardinals appear when loved ones are near.

You can have one of these quotes engraved on a personalized bird feeder, which makes the perfect sympathy gift to honor the memory of a loved one.

Poems About Cardinals & Loved Ones

Here is the concept worked into poetry.


I saw a Cardinal in my tree,
The bright red color so beautiful to see.
Thoughts of loved ones brought a smile to my face,
As I watched it flitter about with grace.
Visitors from Heaven they are said to be,
I feel blessed that you came to visit me.


A Messenger to tell you,
we're never far apart.
My spirit will live on forever,
there within your heart.

So when you see a cardinal,
You will know it's true,
I am never far away,
I'm always here with you.


If a cardinal should appear,
A loved one came to bring you cheer.
A memory; a smile; a tear...
A visitor from heaven is near.

Sympathy Quotes to Illustrate with a Cardinal

Here are some memorial and sympathy quotes that don't mention cardinals, but talk about your loved one being near. These quotes can be paired with a card or gift that features a cardinal illustration.

  • When you believe beyond what your eyes can see, signs from heaven show up to remind you that love never dies.
  • May God grant you always:
    A sunbeam to warm you;
    A moonbeam to charm you;
    A sheltering angel so nothing can harm you.
  • Those we love don't go away; they walk beside us every day.
  • A gentle reminder that I am always with you.
  • A gentle reminder that we're never far apart; my spirit will live on forever there within your heart.
  • I will hold you in my heart until I hold you in heaven.
  • In the dreamscape of eternity, you are always watching over me.
  • Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal.
  • No one is truly lost when they remain in the hearts and minds of those they leave behind.

See many more inspirational memorial quotes for inscriptions and sympathy cards here.

Cardinal Memorials

As you well know, this idea of a loved one's nearness makes the cardinal a meaningful and heartwarming symbol.

Here are some cardinal memorials and cremation urns to honor your loved one's memory which you hold so dear.

Cardinal Bird Feeder Sympathy Gift

Cardinal Quote Bird Feeder Sympathy Gift

This cedar wood bird feeder is made in the USA and includes a personalized "In Loving Memory" inscription along with your choice of cardinal quote. See options and order here.

A bird feeder makes a great sympathy gift because it will draw the birds close - hopefully cardinals! - and honor the loved one's memory while giving life and sustenance to the birds. Unlike sympathy flowers, it will last for years, and unlike many other sympathy gifts it goes outside so it won't just be unnecessary clutter in your friend's home. Plus, it includes customization. 

Cardinal Cremation Urn Memorial

Cardinal Cremation Urn

This Cardinal Cremation Urn is a beautiful memorial urn for ashes. Made in the USA from layers of etched and stained wood, the inlays create a vibrant 3-dimensional effect. Available here.