Artwork for Natural Marble Stone Urns ADD-ON

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Choose from a wide array of art to engrave on your Natural Marble Cremation Urn.* This is an ADD-ON product so don't forget to include the urn of your choice in the cart. Most of our natural marble urns are able to be engraved with artwork, but please choose art that best fits the shape of the urn.

Instructions for inputting the correct artwork:

Each piece of artwork has a name and number attached to it. Input that name and number exactly as it appears in the picture and we will engrave it on your urn. For example, if you would like the open bible artwork, type in "BIBLE 02" in the text box.

If ordering more than one urn, please add in exactly which urn will be receiving which artwork. For example, "Green Crown Urn ARMY 01, Gray Crest Urn NAVY 01" would mean we engrave the Green Crown Urn with ARMY 01 and the Gray Crest Urn with NAVY 01. Be sure to change the number in the Quantity box to match the amount of artwork desired.

Please indicate in the option box the size of urn you have ordered (round to the closest 100 in cubic inches to select the correct one). Companion urns can be engraved with an added charge.

Contact us at 877-900-5309 with any questions.

*Does not include Chrysanthemum, Greek Fret, and Legacy urns. Crown urns can only be engraved on top surface with artwork. Wide artwork is reserved for horizontally rectangular urns.