Biodegradable Casket for Burial or Cremation in Seagrass - Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

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The eco-friendly way to say farewell, our Biodegradable Casket for Burial or Cremation in Seagrass is sustainably crafted by hand primarily from willow. Available to the public and ships free within the continental USA, this is a beautiful, affordable, and earth-conscious resting place for your loved one.

You can use our biodegradable seagrass caskets for the funeral or memorial service followed by a natural ground burial or cremation. Each casket/coffin includes a full length lid, and you can also choose to add a 3/4 length lid to allow viewing of the body during the service or a private family visitation. There are no metal components in the casket or burial shroud (add on item), so these are all suitable for cremation or natural ground burial.

The Seagrass Casket features a lightly rounded top with seagrass rope woven into the willow siding of the casket. The interior is lined with natural unbleached cotton, matching pillow and privacy shield. Available in two sizes, 5' 9" or the larger 6' 5". These casket sizes are designed for individuals up to 5'9" or 6'5" in height, respectively.

Casket details

  • Crafted by hand from sustainable and eco-friendly willow & seagrass
  • 100% natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly
  • Rigid base and six sturdy carrying handles
  • Tested to carry a weight of up to 350 lbs
  • Lined with natural cotton and includes matching pillow and privacy shield

Casket sizes and dimensions

  • 5' 9" size outside dimensions: 77"L x 23"W x 14"H
  • 5'9"  size inside dimensions: 69"L x 20"W x 13"H

  • 6' 5" size outside dimensions: 84"L x 27"W x 14"H
  • 6'5"  size inside dimensions: 77"L x 24" W x 13"H

Shipping & delivery

  • Ships free anywhere within the continental USA
  • Choose delivery to your home or to the funeral home/cemetery
  • Please allow up to 7 business days for delivery
  • Expedited shipping can be arranged, call 877-900-5309
  • Please note that rush shipments can be expensive since this is a large item, and delivery times cannot be 100% guaranteed
  • Expedited 2 day freight will typically be delivered to the nearest major airport **


  • Casket comes in two sizes, for individuals up to 5'9" tall or 6'5" tall
  • Includes matching full-length lid, optional 3/4 length viewing lid
  • Optional burial shroud to wrap the body - see details below
  • You can personalize the casket with an 8"x5" or 12"x3" engraved bamboo plaque
    • Plaque includes up to 3 lines of text, 40 characters max per line, choice of 5 fonts

Shroud options and details

  • Natural, eco-friendly cotton, which is a sustainable resource
  • Available in two colors, Natural Cotton or Indigo(Denim) 
  • Dimensions Wrapped: Approx. 77” long x 24” wide (lift weight tested up to 300 pounds)
  • Includes six carrying handles
  • See usage suggestions below 

Shroud use suggestions

  • Shroud is ideal for natural burial with no casket 
  • Shroud is recommended (but not necessary) for burial with casket 
  • Shroud is recommended for burial with willow carrier
  • Shroud is not necessary for cremation when casket is used
  • Shroud can be used for cremation with a willow carrier 
  • Shroud can be used for cremation with no casket/carrier


  • Our eco-friendly caskets are crafted by skilled weavers as a small cottage industry, not in factories. They are created from sustainable materials such as fast-growing willow, seagrass or bamboo which don’t require heavy machinery for harvesting, giving these funeral products a small carbon footprint. Burial of these caskets also help reduce your own carbon footprint, as most caskets you find at the funeral home feature metal components and/or heavy chemical finishes. The seagrass used to produce this casket is not harvested from delicate marine environments, but rather cultivated in rice paddy-like fields that are seasonally flooded to support the growing seagrass plant.