Biodegradable Paper Turtle Water Burial Urn

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Handcrafted in Mexico by talented artisans, the Biodegradable Paper Turtle Water Burial Urn is a fun and environmentally friendly way to say goodbye to your loved one. The water scattering urn is constructed from recycled paper using non-toxic glues in the shape of a turtle, making it ideal as a memorial tribute to one who loved the water, turtles, and the ocean.

The artists who create these beautiful Turtle Urns are continuing a traditional, local art form (which is put to new purposes as a cremation urn) and are paid a fair wage in local workshop environments. Since each turtle water scattering urn is created by hand, there will be minor variations in size, shape, or color, ensuring that each memorial is truly unique for your loved one.

These biodegradable turtles are designed to float briefly in the water before sinking.  The time that the turtle takes to sink will depend on the weight of remains inside and local water conditions. Once the turtle sinks, it will biodegrade naturally over time.

Federal regulations also require that burial occurs no closer than 3 nautical miles from shore.

  • Hand crafted by talented artisans
  • Made in Mexico at fair wages
  • Completely biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Floats briefly, then gracefully descends to biodegrade
  • Materials: recycled paper and non-toxic glue
  • Unique, gorgeous Turtle shape
  • Natural recycled paper coloration
  • Standard adult scattering urn size
  • (Mini keepsake size also available)
  • Dimensions: 23W" x 18L" x 5.5H"


  • Our Turtle urns have a capacity of 202 cubic inches
  • This water burial urn will hold the equivalent of 202 lbs of body weight
  • To simply calculate the volume of remains, follow this formula:
    • One pound of the individual's healthy body weight will require one cubic inch capacity
    • A 190 lbs individual will require a capacity of roughly 190 cubic inches
    • For more detailed info, see our article "What Size Urn Should I Get?"


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