Eternity Heart 18k Gold Finish Cremation Necklace

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The Eternity Heart Cremation Necklace is a modern work of cremation jewelry art. An 18k gold finish highlights the beautiful contours of the heart-shaped pendant, which showcases dual hearts on the 18" matching snake chain (included).  (Scroll down for videos)

Our Eternity Heart 18k Gold Finish Cremation Necklace holds a small amount (10 mg) of fine cremated remains in an innovative inner chamber. Each jewelry piece comes with a filling kit, an innovative loading and patented sealing technology that allows you to easily measure the remains, fill the chamber, and seal it without any glue application.


  • Premium heart pendant
  • 18k gold finish
  • 18" matching snake chain
  • Heart pendant measures 22 X 30 mm
  • Holds 10mg of fine cremated remains
  • Self-sealing threaded enclosure
  • Ships same or next business day
  • Hassle-free fill kit included (see below)

Filling Kit

  • No hassle fill and sealing kit allows for immediate use
  • Unique "fine cremains pipette" that easily extracts the ashes
  • 10mg scoop which accurately measures the exact amount needed
  • Patented micro-screw with dry coat self-activating sealing technology
  • Permanently seals within six hours (necklace can be worn immediately)
  • Complete instructions included


Filling instructions