Hand Turned Celtic Knot Wood Cremation Urn

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Curved segments of poplar wood are artfully composed by the master craftsman into a cohesive, rounded whole, which is then turned on a lathe and dyed a lush green which results in the Hand Turned Celtic Knot Wood Cremation Urn. Each element is individually crafted and hand-turned by the artist, laser engraved with the detailed Celtic Knot etching across the top, and finished with a clear urethane glaze that protects the Celtic urn and gives the piece an illustrious shine.

The Hand Turned Celtic Knot Wood Cremation Urn is a standard adult sized cremation urn, which holds up to 225 cubic inches of cremated remains.


  • Made in the USA from solid poplar wood
  • Assembled and turned by hand
  • Urn is dyed green by the artist for color
  • Laser carved Celtic Cross design
  • Attractive vase urn shape
  • Polished smooth by hand
  • Finished with a protective urethane glaze
  • Interior capacity of 225 cubic inches
  • Urn dimensions: 9.75" deep by 8" tall

Sizing info

  • To calculate the size urn you need, figure 1 lbs of body weight will equal 1 cubic inch of remains
  • Example: A man who typically weighed 170 lbs will require an urn with a capacity of about 170 cubic inches
  • The Celtic Knot wood urn will hold up to 225 cubic inches of cremated remains

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