Handcrafted Celtic Cross Ceramic Cremation Urn

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The Handcrafted Celtic Cross Ceramic Cremation Urn is a hand-made funeral urn with a traditional Celtic cross. The cross features and intertwined pattern on the front of the urn. This unique design is crafted by hand and individually accented by the artist. The urn vase is colored a soft and pleasing jade green with an attractive and contrasting black bronze lid. Optionally, we can add an inscription which is normally placed on the back.

Our ceramic funeral urns are generally made-to-order. If you need the urn by a specific date please contact us and we can help determine what arrangements need to be made, if unable will be notified within 3 business days. As each Celtic Cross Cremation Urn is handmade from natural materials, there may be slight, minor variations between what is pictured and what you receive.


  • Individually handmade in the USA
  • Beautiful Celtic cross design
  • Ceramic pottery urn vessel
  • Threaded lid access to interior
  • Optional personalized inscription
  • Available in several sizes to suit your needs
  • Dimensions vary by size, roughly 10-12" H x 6-9" W

Size info

  • Available in multiple sizes, including keepsake and large
  • Sizes hold 45, 180. or 220 cubic inches
  • Figure 1 cubic inch of remains per pound of healthy body weight
  • Example: A 215 lbs individual will require an urn of roughly 215 cubic inch volume
  • Need help determining what size cremation urn you need? Click here.

Shipping & delivery

  • Free standard ground delivery
  • Made to order within several weeks
  • Time in transit varies by destination, but usually takes 2-7 business days
  • Expedited shipping is available, contact us at 877-900-5309 and we'll help arrange it