Handmade Ceramic Sunflower and Butterfly Cremation Urn

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A true original, this handmade ceramic Sunflower & Butterfly Cremation Urn is a work of art which comes ready to be mounted on the walls of your home. Thinking outside the box, the husband and wife team of sculpture artists who create these work to change the notion of the typical urn form, by creating art which out-of-the-ordinary and down-to-earth. These kiln-fired sculptural urns are honest in subject, but discreet in function.

The interior of the sunflower urn is accessed via a panel built in to the backside of the piece. The closure hatch is cut from the ceramic and, after placing the remains into the urn inside the plastic bag in which they come, should be reaffixed using a permanent adhesive such as silicone or super glue. This urn has a maximum capacity of 115 cubic inches.

While you can place the Sunflower & Butterfly Cremation Urn wherever you choose, it was designed to be hung on the walls of your home. The urn was constructed with a high-temperature wire hanger kiln-fired within the ceramic material which is tested to hold weights of over 20 lbs (the sunflower urn itself weighs roughly 7.2 lbs, with remains will weigh between 10-13 lbs). 

Please note: As these ceramic art deco urns are individually handmade, each piece will be distinct. You may find slight, very minor variations from what is shown, this is normal and highlights the unique beauty of each piece.


  • Handmade in the USA
  • Made to order
  • 18”w x 18”h x 6.5”d
  • 115 cubic inch capacity
  • Approx weight: 7.2 lbs
  • Rear opening panel
  • Optional personalization on backside of petal
  • Wall mountable, includes hanger
  • Hand crafted using earthenware ceramic 
  • Hand painted with oxide washes, acrylic & metallic wax finish


  • The concealed inurnment area can hold up to 115 cubic inches of remains
  • This is roughly equivalent of 115 lbs of healthy body weight
  • For more information on sizing and estimating cubic inches, see here

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  • Made to order within 45 business days
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  • Free standard ground shipping
  • Ground time in transit varies by destination; usually 5-7 business days
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Wall mounting details

This wall-mounted Sunflower urn is crafted with a high-temperature wire hanger that is kiln-fired into the ceramic piece. Please use care when choosing a wall hanging location. It is recommended that you provide an adequate sized (1-2”) screw driven into a wall stud. If the desired location for the urn is not convenient where a stud falls, be sure to use a drywall hanger. Hardware and home improvement stores have drywall hangers with various weight ratings, we advise using a minimum 20 lb. hanger even though the urn with remains will be about 12 lbs (roughly). If using a drywall hanger, carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by failure to properly hang the ceramic urn with the greatest of care.