Mother's Love Horses Wood Cremation Urn with Inlay Art Scene

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As evening drifts into nighttime, the farm animals settle down in barn, pen, corral, and pasture for their nightly rest. Out for one last stroll before retreating to the ranch house and the beckoning glow of a roaring, toasty fire, you walk hand-in-hand with your beloved and point to the auburn glow of the fading sunset, then the emergence of the North Star, and finally the glow of the Big Dipper. Your gaze turns from the skies down to the path as you carefully watch your footsteps in faint glimmer of the waxing moon. Rounding the corner of the stable, a beam of light from the open barn door falls upon this touching scene of mare nestling down in the straw with her foal. Neither of you realizes it now, but this moment will become a shared memory treasured throughout your many years together.

Our "Mother's Love" wood art scene is a beautiful depiction of the tender grace and matchless majesty of a mother horse tending her foal. This "horses" wood cremation urn is built in the USA from authentic premium hardwoods in your choice of walnut (as pictured), oak, mahogany, or maple. The art scene is a perfectly assembled collection of laser carved wood pieces inlaid together to create an intimate nature scene. The fine detail and craftsmanship put into this urn will take your breathe away, in much the same way as will the sight and experience in person of the noble power of horses.

To add laser engraved personalization on this wood urn of name, dates, or other inscription, select options above. (If you pick the top please note there is limited space) We will laser etch the text of your choice directly into the surface of the wood.


  • Made in the USA with premium hardwoods
  • Your choice of Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, or Maple wood
  • Bottom opening attaches with screws
  • Gorgeous scene crafted from a variety of hardwoods
  • Mother horse and foal scene
  • 11" L x 7-1/2" W x 8-3/4" High
  • 230 cubic inches


  • The "Mother's Love" urn has a capacity of 230 cubic inches
  • This wooden urn will hold the remains of an individual who weighed up to 230 lbs
  • To figure the volume you need, use this simple formula:
    • One pound of the individual's healthy body weight will require one cubic inch capacity
    • A 200 lbs individual will require a capacity of roughly 200 cubic inches
    • For more detailed info, including weight charts, see "What Size Urn Should I Get?"

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  • Below is a video depicting our Ambassador urn shape, with a different inlay art scene:


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Q: I need this by a specific date. Can you get it to me in time?

A: Generally yes. Contact us by phone or email and we will figure out how to get the urn to you when you need it.

Q: Will this urn work for two people?

A: At 230 cubic inches, this cremation urn is just slightly larger than the industry standard of 200 cubic inches for an adult urn. If you are looking for an urn for two people, we do make this and many of our other scenes in a "companion" size, available here.

Q: Is wood a good idea for a memorial? Won't wood deteriorate?

A: Think of a wood urn like an antique item, such as the famous Resolute desk in the Oval Office. The desk was a gift from England's Queen Victoria to the United State's President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880. The wood from this iconic desk was in use prior to 1880, since it was made from the timbers of the sailing ship HMS Resolute, and it has been used by American Presidents to this day. The point is, although wood will indeed deteriorate over time, when constructed from premium materials (as our wood urns and many other lasting antique furniture pieces are) and preserved with care, wood items will last for generations and only increase in beauty and value.