Cremation Urn YouTube Playlist

Cremation Urn YouTube Playlist

If you're a visual learner, you probably prefer a YouTube video to an in-depth article. Here is our Cremation Urn YouTube Playlist, curated by us here at Urns Northwest featuring a variety of videos we think are helpful, informative, and beautiful.

What is a cremation urn?

How do I open a cremation urn?

Demonstration of opening a  wooden urn. One of our oldest and most popular urn videos:

Pet urns follow the same principle, generally the urns are just a little smaller:

A sharing keepsake urn is designed for holding a small amount of ashes, usually when the majority is buried or shared among relatives. Here is how one of our wooden inlay art urns (the  Seascape, also available in standard size) opens to hold a tiny amount of cremated remains:

Companion urns usually open the same way, with bottom-opening panel for the wood urns and screw-in stopper for the marble/stone ones. First, the wood:

Next, the  granite companion urn, with dual compartment openings:

Here is a demonstration of how to open most marble, granite, and stone urns:

How can cremation urns be used?

Cremation urns can be used for storage, display, burial, scattering, and even  planting ashes to grow a tree.

This wooden urn is designed to make scattering easy.  Available here. Top-opening urn with magnetic closure is available here.

There are  waterburial urns that biodegrade upon contact with the water, for an elegant and hassle-free water scattering:

This is an example of how to fill a  biodegradable urn, which can then be used for ground burial or water scattering:

These  biodegradable urn tubes make scattering via pouring out the ashes a simple, eco-friendly process:

Gail Rubin shares some helpful tips on how to scatter ashes:

Here is an actual scattering of ashes at sea. The scattering is at 1:36:

If you like to idea of planting ashes to be grown as a tree, you can  read more here and browse our memorial tree urns here. This is the unboxing of a memorial tree urn:

More fun

Our answer to a common question:

An interesting little documentary on cremation from Time Magazine:

A brief look behind the scenes at a funeral home:

Here's a unique way to go... Spreading ashes via shotgun shells:

This video shows how some of our  hand-turned wood cremation urns are made:

A wood cremation urn box being made:

Some beautiful urns we offer:

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