How to get a fingerprint, handprint, or footprint for our memorial jewelry

How to get a fingerprint, handprint, or footprint for our memorial jewelry

How to digitize your loved one's print for memorial jewelry

We are proud to offer a collection of beautiful personalized memorial jewelry that can be laser etched with your loved one's print. Fingerprint, thumbprint, handprint, footprint, and even pawprints for your pets - we do it all.

But how do you get that print to us so that we can create a charming and unique memorial jewelry piece for you? Here is your guide.


1. Obtain and choose the print

First, you'll need a fingerprint, handprint, or footprint. You can get one of these from many birth certificates, a scrapbook or art project, or take a new print by using baby-safe black ink on a plain sheet of paper.

If you have multiples to choose from, great! Preferably from our point of view, we would want the one that is clearest and best quality. But you may have a particular print that is most meaningful. Choose the one you would like reproduced on the memorial jewelry.

Once you have the print, you'll need to convert it to digital.

2. Digitize the print

There are two ways you can digitize the print: 1) scan it, or 2) take a photo of it.

A scan will produce the best quality and highest resolution. If you don't have access to a scanner, you can take your document to a print or office shop and they can do it for you.

Alternately, you can take a photo of the print. If you do this, use a good quality digital camera. The camera on most up-to-date mobile phones will work. Hold the camera very still, and take the photo straight-on for best results. Make sure you do not cut off part of the print when taking the photo.

If the photo or scan is blurry, then the engraving will be blurry. We can only recreate the print at the same quality at which it is provided, so make sure the image is as close to the original as possible. Don't try to touch up or digitally alter the image; unless you're a graphic artist and know your way around image processors, any attempts at touching up the image will generally lower the overall quality.

Because our hand- and footprint jewelry is much smaller than the original handprint or footprint, the engraving quality is generally pretty good even if the original file is not optimal. Fingerprints are much closer to the actual size, so with fingerprint jewelry it is very important to get a good quality original print and image file.

3. Upload or email

Lastly, you'll get the image file to us. You can either upload the image onto the product page when ordering, or you can send it to us via email. The simplest way to do this is to place your order, then hit "reply" when you receive the order confirmation email. Simply attach your file to your reply email and we'll get it.

We will always contact you quickly if there is an issue with your order. Our engravers are highly skilled and know what works well and what does not work, so we will always contact you if we cannot engrave the jewelry piece at a reasonably high quality.