These Cremation Urn Memorials Help You Tell A Story

These Cremation Urn Memorials Help You Tell A Story

Choosing the perfect cremation urn memorial will help you tell the story of your loved one's life.

The Elements of a Great Story

Every life is a story, and that is a story well worth telling. Your life has a beginning, middle, and end; your loved one's life is both a comedy and a tragedy. You've experienced high points and low points, and you've experienced these things together with those closest to you and also on your own.

Life is filled with hard work, creative pursuits, dreams, ambitions, sorrows, comforts, fun, joy, and love. These are the elements of a great story, and it deserves to be told.

Telling the Story, One Piece at a Time

You can tell parts of this story in a number of ways. The funeral, memorial service, or life celebration is a great time to step back and look closely at the big picture, and the individual moments that make up the whole.

There are also many ways to honor someone's memory. Scrapbooks and photo albums, framed photos, commissioned art,  memorial jewelry that holds a pinch of their remains or even jewelry that is made from the remains, planting a garden or tree, starting a trust fund or scholarship, making a pillow from a favorite shirt or jewelry made from funeral flowers, writing a beautiful poem, eulogy, or obituary, memorial tattoos, and many other ideas.

A few of these mediums can be used to tell the whole story. In writing, for example, you can tell the entire story of their life from birth to death. Scrapbooks are good for this as well.

But even with an overflowing scrapbook or a fifty-page biography, there is no way to capture the entirety of a person's life. So let each part of the story be told slowly, over time, through many different ways.

Our advice is to let each memorial you create tell its own little part of the story. Don't try to have a plaque, photo collage, cremation urn, headstone, or obituary represent every facet of their life. It is simply not possible. Allow each thing to be its own beautiful part of a tapestry.

Embed a Story in the Cremation Urn

Together Again Companion Urn

The Together Again Companion Urn, available here.

One of our favorite ways to help you tell the story is through a beautiful memorial cremation urn. We have a huge variety of urns in different materials, designs, and themes. Check out our "shop by themes" categories for some of the more popular examples.

Your story, and the story of your departed loved one's life, is unique. Even with an iconic scene like our "Together Again" urn (above) which pictures two people walking down an old country lane with arms entwined, even this can be infused with your own special significance.

Especially when you consider having the cremation urn custom engraved - with engraving, you can not only list their name and dates of life, but also include something about their occupation, military service, family and marriage, faith, and/or favorite sayings.

Some ways that the cremation urn helps tell the story:

  • Choose a material that conveys their look, feel, smell, or interests
  • Find a theme that depicts their life and loves
  • Personalize it with laser engraving of name and dates
  • Add more significance with a special or favorite quote or nickname

Find the perfect story for your loved one's memorial urn by browsing our selection of beautiful urns here.