Simplicity Brass Cremation Urn in Midnight Black

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The understated elegance of our Midnight Simplicity Brass Cremation Urn is achieved by a radiant midnight black finish highlighted with silver accents. The shapely midnight-toned urn rises gracefully from a rimmed brass base into a classic metal urn vessel characterized by shapely refinement. The stunning finish is protected by luminous GlossCoat technology, as a result the urn may have a lighter appearance of black than appears in the picture, a charcoal appearance.

Our Midnight Simplicity Brass Cremation Urn is available in three beautiful sizes and styles. The standard adult urn size has an inside capacity of 225 cubic inches and stands nearly 10" tall in a traditional size and shape. The smaller size is identical to the standard adult urn but in miniature, holding just 4 cubic inches of remains and standing all of 3.25" high, ideal for use when sharing remains among family. The Tealight holds 18 cubic inches, is 5" tall, and presents a way to light a candle in honor of your loved one's memory.


  • Solid brass cremation urn from LoveUrns
  • Protective GlossCoat finish
  • Midnight black finish
  • Silver toned accents
  • The Midnight Simplicity is available in multiple sizes

Standard Midnight Simplicity Urn:

  • 225 cubic inch capacity
  • 9.75" high x 7" diameter 
  • Top opening lid
  • Includes velvet pouch

Tealight Keepsake Urn:

  • 18 cubic inch capacity
  • 5" high x 3.25" diameter
  • Threaded top opening lid
  • Tealight votive (candle not included)
  • Includes attractive velvet bag

Small Midnight Simplicity Sharing Keepsake Urn:

  • 4 cubic inch capacity
  • 3.25" high x 2" diameter
  • Top opening lid
  • Includes velvet keepsake box

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