Tips for Saving $$$ on Cremation Urns

Shopping for a cremation urn on a tight budget is, in some circumstances, a practical necessity; but in all circumstances it is a wise decision. It's very easy to overspend on many aspects of a funeral, burial, or cremation due to heightened emotions. Here are some tips to keep in mind to save $$$ while shopping for a cremation urn.

1. Arrange as much as possible beforehand

While the ideal is to arrange as many details as possible before you or a loved one dies, it is not always an option when dealing with an unexpected death. However, you can still make many decisions prior to visiting the funeral home or before picking up the phone to talk with a merchant.

You can get an initial idea of available options and competitive prices by searching online, and use your findings as a guide to make decisions about what to buy and how much to spend before contacting anyone who is trying to sell you something.

2. Only buy what you want

If the funeral director does not offer you exactly what you want at a price you can afford, try looking elsewhere. You are not obligated to purchase an urn from a funeral home or crematorium; by law, you are free to purchase a cremation urn elsewhere and bring it in to the funeral home.

3. Skip the urn vault, or buy it online

Some cemeteries require a burial vault when burying an urn, but not all. Be sure to ask about guidelines and requirements. If a vault is required, we offer urn burial vaults which hold most cremation urns at a very competitive price. Just check with the funeral home to ensure that it will meet their requirements.

4. Ask for sales, discounts, or discontinued items

We often have certain items available for a discount. We also will occasionally have discontinued product lines or over-produced items which can be offered at a lower price to clear the shelves.

5. Shop the budget racks

If you are limited by finances, then one way to honor your loved one's life is to stay within your budget. Check out our very affordable eco-friendly urns or our Affordable Urns section.