What is a companion urn?


A companion urn is a cremation urn for two individuals.

Capacity / Size

The industry standard size for a companion urn (also known as a "double urn" or "urn for two") is 400 cubic inches, which is generally large enough to hold the remains of two individuals, often a husband and wife.

To figure how many cubic inches you'll need, simply convert the individuals' body weight into cubic inches and add together. So, for a 200 lb man (roughtly 200 cubic inches of remains) and a 140 lb woman (roughly 140 cubic inches of remains), the total capacity you will need in a companion urn is 340 cubic inches.

Companion Urn Size Chart


Some of our companion urns are as small as 350 cubic inches, while others hold 500 cubic inches, but generally the capacity for most of our "double urns" is right around 400 cubic inches. The dimensions and capacity of each cremation urn are listed in the product details on each product page. 

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