Companion Cremation Urn with Bass Boat Fishing 3D Wood Inlay

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Made in the USA to order for you and your beloved, the Companion Cremation Urn with Bass Boat Fishing 3D Wood Inlay is a premium wood companion urn. Also known as a double urn or urn for two, this memorial is sized to hold the cremated remains of two adults and boasts a detailed, lifelike 3-dimensional wood inlay art scene of a scenic stream with a boat and fishing enthusiast reeling in a trophy-sized bass fish.

The bass fishing memorial art scene is crafted using a variety of real woods layered in three dimensions, each piece set in their natural colors (or light stains) for color and depth. The urn box itself is made in your choice of Mahogany, Maple, Oak, or Walnut woods.

Our wooden companion urns have a capacity of 400 cubic inches, which is ideal for the remains of two people who weighed up to a combined 400 lbs. The urn opens from the bottom, with the underside attached via screws.

Companion Urn Product Details

  • Made to order in the USA
  • Crafted from solid wood in your choice of Walnut, Oak, Maple, or Mahogany
  • Detailed 3-dimensional wood art depicting a Bass Boat Fishing scene
  • Inner capacity: Holds 400 cubic inches of cremated remains
  • Outer dimensions: 12" wide, 8-1/4" deep, 8-1/2" tall
  • Optional laser engraved inscription

Personalization Info

An optional laser engraved inscription is available. We will laser carve the custom text into the surface of the wood on top of the companion urn. Choose one of three layouts above; to easily view layouts, set all options to "Please Choose an Option" then select layout options and an image will appear at the top in the main image area. Or scroll to the bottom of this page.

Layout #3 is an example of how to tactfully avoid birth/death dates when one or both spouses are living. Another option is to put the wedding date (if one or both are living) or number of years together (when one is living; i.e., "Married 47 Wonderful Years").

Your choice of three fonts: Block, Block Italics, and Script. Personalization does not delay or significantly add to production time.

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In this video, our beautiful "Soulmates" scene is showcased, first in standard size then in companion. Skip to 0:29 seconds to view companion urn.

Inscription Layout Options

Personalized Companion Urn

Personalized Companion Urn

Personalized Companion Urn

Here are the engraving font options, shown in Walnut wood:

Companion Urn Personalized Font Options